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The continued operation of Saint Louis’ only Christian and Family television station depends on the support of viewers like you.

If you believe that Saint Louis needs:

  • A television station to reach thousands with the Word of God . . .
  • Wholesome, family-oriented television programming . . .
  • An independent voice, unafraid to “tell it like it is” because of big corporations and politicians . . .

. . . then, KNLC-DTV Channel 24 needs your help.

Providing Christian and Family television is expensive and HDTV adds new challenges.

The Federal Communications Commission has mandated that all television stations must build HDTV stations in order to keep their existing analog licenses. The costs of operating under two formats, and continuing to maintain KNLC-TV Channel 24 while building the necessary capacity for the new KNLC-DTV Channel 14, is enormous.

It’s more important than ever that viewers and supporters help KNLC to meet these challenges — in order that we may continue to reach thousands in the Saint Louis area with the Gospel in Word and Deed.

Helping KNLC on-line is safe and easy!

You can help simply by clicking on the button below, and then providing some simple payment information. The whole process is safe and secure; and will only take a moment of your time.  And, your donation to KNLC-TV is tax-deductible!

Click here to read KNLC’s Donor Privacy Policy

Or, send your donation to:

KNLC, Channel 24
PO BOX 924
Saint Louis, MO 63188

Thank you for your support!


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