KNLC-DT Upcoming Movies and Specials:

Sunday, March 1: 2 – 5 PM – Final Exit/Dark Valley; 2015 Trumpet Awards

Final Exit/Dark Valley - A serial killer sentenced to death thinks about eternity the night before his execution while three coal miners are trapped inside a mine shaft facing death.

Sunday, March 1: 7 PM – Kevin Can Wait

Jim Peterson invites David, Kevin and a college football player to dinner at his home after a church service. Jim ignores Kevin, in favor of the wealthier, attractive, and talented people around him. Jim doesn’t know that David is an angel, sent by God. By various means, David shows Jim how to be a friend to those around him who need it the most, regardless of their wealth, talent, or perceived social position.

Thursday, March 5: 7 PM – Captain Sirroco

Neapolitans against Queen Carolina have an unlikely ally in her court, secret swashbuckler Captain Sirocco.

Friday, March 6: 7 PM – Hercules and the Princess of Troy

The mighty Hercules battles a sea monster to save the legendary city of Troy.

Sunday, March 8: 2 – 5 PM – A Piano for Mrs. Cimino; NLEC Telethon: Remembering Selma and the Homeless

A Piano for Mrs. Cimino – An elderly widow must find meaning and activity in her life when her son suggests she is no longer capable of handling her own affairs.

Sunday, March 8: 7 PM – Flywheel

 A dishonest used car salesman decides to become the salesman that God wants him to be with surprising results.

Thursday, March 12: 7 PM – Long John Silvers Return

Long John Silver hopes to rescue his friend Jim from a rival pirate and return to a deserted island for more treasure.

Friday, March 13: 7 PM – Wee Geordie

A young Scottish boy concerned about his height and stature, applies for a mail-order body building course. After successfully gaining height and strength, he represents Britain in the 1956 Olympic Games held in Melbourne, Australia.

Sunday, March 15: 2 – 5 PM – Out of the Wilderness; Andrew Young presents: The Stars fell on Alabama

Out of the Wilderness – A young girl’s life is saved by a baby raven. The raven’s life becomes endangered when the neighbors find it a public nuisance.

Sunday, March 15: 7 PM – Pastor Greg: Invisible Enemies

Suddenly after finding a pair of glasses a student becomes aware of the spiritual world that is always around us. Through these glasses he discovers how the lives of his friends are influenced by unseen evil forces.

Thursday, March 19: 7 PM – Two Guns From Harlem

This is a B-western with an all-black cast that includes Spencer Williams and Mantan Moreland. The multi-talented actor/writer/director/producer Spencer Williams (Butch Carter) is probably best known for his role as Andy in the “Amos ‘n Andy” TV series. Run Time: 60 minutes

Friday, March 20: 7 PM – The Hoodlum

Lawrence Tierney plays an unreformed hardened criminal who has just been released from prison. While working at his brother’s gas station, he becomes very interested in the armored car that makes regular stops at the bank across the street. Run Time: 61 minutes

Sunday, March 22: 2 – 5 PM – First Fruits; The Bible on Trial

First Fruits – A historical film based on two young Moravians who leave their comfortable community of Her hut, Germany, to bring the Gospel to the slaves in the West Indies in 1732.

Sunday, March 22: 7 PM – The Shepherd

A father chooses between his enemy and the life of his own son. The resulting bitterness of a split moment decision threatens to destroy the lives of the widowed wife and her young son. The father’s heroism brings about an uplifting of love, forgiveness and true friendship to an emotionally downtrodden family.

Thursday, March 26: 7 PM – Here Come’s Trouble

A newspaper publisher (Emory Parnell) is being blackmailed by a burlesque queen (Joan Woodbury), and he sends one of his reporters (William Tracy) to talk to her. Run Time: 51 minutes

Friday, March 27: 7 PM – Behind Green Lights

The action begins when a car occupied by the corpse of a sleazy private detective glides down a hill and winds up in front of a police station. (The title of the film stems from the fact that police stations used to have green lights at the entrance.) Some of the stars are William Gargan, Carole Landis, John Ireland, and Charles Russell. Run Time: 61 minutes

Sunday, March 29: 2 – 5 PM – Yeshua Jesus; Test of Faith (Three Days)

Yeshua Jesus – This documentary details the cultural-historical context of ancient Israel leading up to the life of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, March 29: 7 PM – Little Flower of Jesus; The Appointment

Little Flower of Jesus – This film is based on St. Therese of Lisiux’s autobiography L’histoire d’une âme (Story of a Soul). She is known for teaching the “Little Way” to holiness, her theological message on achieving sanctity, through personal devotion and dedication. Run Time: 60 minutes     

The Appointment – A woman writing anti-God editorials encounters a mysterious visitor with a message from the Lord. Run Time: 60 minutes