KNLC-DT Upcoming Movies and Specials:

Friday’s at 7:30 PM

1/8 – Yours, Mines and Ours – A widowed Coast Guard Admiral and a widow handbag designer fall in love and marry, much to the dismay of her 10 and his 8 children. This is a family comedy that stars Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid.

1/15 – Mark of the Hawk – The man called “Obam” struggles with the increasingly hostile forces facing each other in a colonial African country. The African natives want their land and lives back from the British. This is a drama that stars Sidney Poitier and Eartha Kitt.

1/22 – Quick Sand – After borrowing $20 from his employer’s cash register, an auto mechanic is plunged into a series of increasingly disastrous circumstances which rapidly spiral out of his control. This is a drama that stars Mickey Rooney.

1/29 – Made for Each Other – A young lawyer meets and marries a girl after only knowing her for one day. He takes his new bride home to meet his mother who disapproves of the marriage. The young lawyer thinks everything will be fine as he moves up the ladder of the law firm. This is a romance comedy that stars James Stewart.

Sunday’s at 2:00 PM

1/10 – Angel on my Shoulder – The Devil arranges for a deceased gangster to return to Earth as a well-respected judge to make up for his previous life. This is a romance comedy that stars Paul Muni.

1/17 – The Greatest Comeback/Remembering Dr. King – the greatest comeback is the story of an East Saint Louis boxer who reached the top of his profession only to have to struggle through sickness and disease. in light of Dr. King day we take a moment to remember his legacy. (documentary)

1/24 – Flight of the Balloon – A professor is hired to navigate across Africa in a hot-air balloon to rescue a lost explorer, but a mysterious local villain named “Hindu” commandeers the balloon for his own nefarious purposes. This is an adventure movie that stars Mala Powers.

1/31 – Something to Sing About – A New York band leader journeys to Hollywood when he is offered a contract with a studio, but he is determined to do things his way and not theirs. This is a musical comedy that stars James Cagney.

Sunday’s at 7:00 PM

1/10 – Between God, The Devil, and a Winchester – A man gains access to a treasure map and persuades a guide (Juan Chasquisdo) to accompany him in his search to recover it. Both are pursued by a group of bandits. This is a western that stars Gilbert Roland.

1/17 – JFK Framed – This 2 hour special takes a looks at the life and death of America’s beloved president John F. Kennedy. (documentary)

1/24 – The Cross and a Switchblade – A crusading minister gets involved in the lives of members of a New York street gang. This is a crime drama that stars Pat Boone.

1/31 – Meet John Doe – A man needing money agrees to impersonate a nonexistent person who said he will be committing suicide as a form of protest, and a political movement begins. This is a drama that stars Gary Cooper.