Sunday’s @ 12n-

  • 6th-Hawaii Marlin Challenge
  • 13th-Pacific Blue part 2
  • 20th-Sounds of Summer & Summer in America
  • 27th– American Latino Presents: “Athletes”

Sunday’s @ 2pm-

  • 6th-Sunset Serenade-Bad guys plot to trick a newly arrived Eastern girl out of a ranch which belongs to her infant ward. Roy, of course, saves the ranch for the girl. Stars: Roy Rogers (Western)
  • 13th-Dear J-Struggling with his beliefs after the tragic death of his girlfriend, an evangelist cannot bring himself to open her last letter. Stars: Joseph A. Halsey (Inspirational, Drama)
  • 20th-Jack and the Bean Stalk-Abbott & Costello’s version of the famous fairy tale, about a young boy who trades the family cow for magic beans. Stars: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello (Family, Comedy)
  • 27th-Under Secret Orders– When a German spy realizes that he is being followed by British agents, he gives the secret information he is carrying to his girlfriend. When he is killed, she gives the information to his superiors, and herself becomes a spy, hoping to get revenge for his death. Stars: Dita Parlo (War, Thriller)

Sunday’s @ 4pm-

  • 6th-World’s Funniest Moments: “Summer Time”
  • 13th-Sounds of Summer & Summer in America
  • 20th-We Have a Dream
  • 27th-Hawaii Marlin Challenge

Sunday’s @ 7pm-

  • 6th-The Doll that took the Town-A struggling model concocts a story of being raped and beaten by three strangers and soon becomes a media darling. Complications arise when the police eventually arrest three suspects. Stars: Varna Lisa (Drama)
  • 13th-Immortal Battalion-A group of conscripts are called up into the infantry during WWII. At first they appear a hopeless bunch but their sergeant and Lieutenant have faith in them and mold them into a good team. Stars: David Niven (War Drama)
  • 20th-Dog Gone- Kyle’s a police officer, and his partner is his dog, Hunter. Hunter gets killed in the line of duty, and his spirit comes back in the body of a criminal named Howie. Stars: Jack Wagner (Family)
  • 27th-Panic in the City-An American agent is assigned to track down a renegade Soviet spy who is building an atomic device in Los Angeles and plans to destroy the city with it. Stars: Howard Duff (Thriller)

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