Hometime, hosted by Dean Johnson, is a premier national home improvement and remodeling television series. The weekly program has been on the air for twenty-three years.

Hometime’s aim is to provide the average homeowner with step-by-step home improvement advice for professional-looking results. In addition to how-to instruction, the show provides information on constructing new houses and renovating older homes.

Hometime was founded in 1984 by Dean Johnson to provide a new source of how-to home improvement information. Johnson’s plan was to produce a series of videotapes for distribution through hardware stores and home centers. The concept was soon expanded to include the television series, which premiered on public television November 1, 1986. For many years during the 1990s, Hometime was a mainstay of The Learning Channel, airing multiple-times each week. Since 2001, an additional version of Hometime has been seen on commercial television stations around the country.

Dean Johnson and Miriam Johnson (no relation) are the hosts of Hometime. They are joined by a team of two carpenter/craftsmen: Dan (“Lenny”) Laabs and Tom (“Buki”) Weckwerth. Previous Hometime co-hosts include: Robin Hartl (1992-2004), Suzanne Egli (1991-1992), JoAnne Leibeler (1987-1991), and Peggy Knapp (1986).

Hometime can be seen Saturday’s at 4 P.M.



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