• Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

    Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

    Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids is an animated series that was produced by comedian Bill Cosby. The series follows Fat Albert and his friends on […]

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  • Larry Rice

    Larry Rice

    Larry Rice is our Here’s Help show. For more information please see Here’s Help. Larry Rice can be seen: Sunday’s at 7:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. Sunday – […]

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  • Real Life 101

    Real Life 101

    Real Life 101 is a children/teenage TV show that aims to educate youth on career choices. In the show, teenage hosts interview people working in […]

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  • The Saint

    The Saint

    The Saint was a mystery spy thriller television series that aired in the UK between 1962 and 1969. The show was centered around Simon Templar, […]

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  • Aqua Kids

    Aqua Kids

    Aqua Kids is a children’s TV show that seeks to educate young people about the importance of protecting marine environments and the animals that live […]

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  • Lassie


    Lassie is a TV show that follows the adventures of a female collie dog named Lassie. Lassie won 2 Emmys in its first years, and lasted […]

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  • Sergeant Preston of the Yukon

    Sergeant Preston of the Yukon

    Sergeant Preston of the Yukon is about Canadian Mountie Sgt. Preston. The show depicts him as he patrols the wilds of the Yukon with his […]

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  • Laura McKenzie’s Traveler

    Laura McKenzie’s Traveler

    Travel with Laura McKenzie on her show Laura McKenzie’s Traveler, as she travels to many different locations identifying the exciting things to do in each location. Learn […]

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  • Made in Hollywood

    Made in Hollywood

    According to their website, “Made in Hollywood is an inventive behind-the-screen entertainment news magazine series featuring exclusive celebrity interviews with Hollywood’s premiere talent, on-set coverage with […]

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  • Wretched TV

    Wretched TV

    Wretched TV is hosted by Todd Friel and is a Christian TV show. Todd Friel takes a look at all the worldly topics through a […]

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