• NLEC Worship w/ Larry Rice

    NLEC Worship w/ Larry Rice

    NLEC Worship with Larry Rice is more than a worship experience. It is the revolutionary empowerment event whose participants are society’s rejects, the poor, fatherless, […]

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  • Cisco Kid

    Cisco Kid

    Popular old west adventures of O. Henry’s Mexican hero and his sidekick, Pancho. The Cisco Kid can be seen: Wednesday and Friday at 3:30 AM […]

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  • The Harvest Show

    The Harvest Show

    News, personalities and issues are featured, with a religious emphasis. The Harvest Show can be seen Tuesday – Saturday at 12 A.M.

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  • Program Schedule

    Program Schedule

    You can download the current program schedule for KNLC 24.1, here: February Schedule You can also view the program schedule on Titan TV by creating a […]

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  • About KNLC

    About KNLC

    In 1982, KNLC Channel 24, an independent Christian Television station, began broadcasting throughout the St. Louis area. KNLC’s mission over the years has been to […]

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  • Support KNLC

    Support KNLC

    The continued operation of Saint Louis’ only Christian and Family television station depends on the support of viewers like you. If you believe that Saint […]

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